Why Financial Advisors Need Marketing Case Studies

These days, every industry uses digital marketing to generate inbound leads and direct online traffic. It’s a top way that companies connect with clients. Even in specialized fields like financial advising, content marketing is a key tactic in establishing your credibility among potential clients.

As any SEO expert will tell you, the keys to effective content is quality, depth, and appeal. As you develop your content marketing strategy, creating a financial advisor marketing case study is one area you may wish to pursue. Many financial advisors have discovered that these case studies create value for users that just isn’t found within other kinds of content.

The Advantages of Financial Advisor Marketing Case Studies

For legal reasons, financial advisors cannot use customer testimonials. Before creating any content, make sure you check with your compliance department to ensure you are following the rules. With this being said, many financial advisors wonder how to convey their value to customers. Writing a case study is one option you may want to pursue. There are several advantages of case studies for financial advisors:

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  • Case studies use storytelling. Many psychology studies are supporting the effectiveness of storytelling, but most of us know from personal experience that a good story sustains our attention. Case studies allow you to transform an abstract description of your services into a descriptive, vivid example that any customer can absorb. When people trust such a vital area of their life to you—their finances—you need to connect with them through logos, ethos, and pathos.
  • Case studies are one-of-a-kind. Instead of regurgitating information that can be found on any competitor’s site, a case study is truly unique to you. Though you will need to check with your compliance department to make sure you’re respecting client privacy (your study may need to be an amalgamation of several clients or an imaginary scenario altogether), you will be using details that aren’t simply a copycat of information on other sites. Unique content also supports SEO.
  • You can cater to your niche. Are you interested in working with people going through a divorce? Those who seek to address their student debt? Those poised to grow their assets? Your case study can be tailored to the kind of client you’re hoping to work with. When potential customers “see themselves” in the case study, they’ll know that you’re a good fit for them.

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  • Case studies work with your branding. Good branding permeates all of your content. Case studies are no exception. The vocabulary you use, the angle you take, the organization of content, and the visual packaging of the case study itself can all reflect your branding. Case studies are a deep dive type of content and they can draw readers into your branding, your voice, and your approach. When you write a good case study, the reader emerges with a solid understanding of the expertise you can bring them.
  • A digital marketing strategist can write case studies for you. Case studies are an effective content tool for financial advisors, but the thought of writing one can feel like another task piled onto your already full plate. Luckily, you do not need to write case studies yourself. A digital marketing strategist who specializes in writing content for financial advisors can tailor a case study to your business goals and target audience.

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Case Studies: Just One Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A marketing case study is just one of the tools in your financial advisor digital marketing strategy toolbox. If you are looking for digital marketing experts who have the skills and experience necessary to get you results, contact us today for a free consultation. We work with financial advisors like you who are looking for new, authentic ways to connect with potential clients online.

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