Content marketing is a dynamic, exciting trend in digital business promotion. Gone are the days of straightforward advertising and boring, repetitive promos.

Instead, successful small businesses are joining a growing trend that is here to stay: promoting your business through content marketing.

Content marketing proves your value to users because it shows them how much you know.

The newest trends in content marketing all center on a single principle: providing potential customers with quality content they can use. If your content isn’t relevant to users, they won’t engage with it.

Content marketing is a relatively new phenomenon, and recent trends have pushed this strategy even

What are some of the top trends this year in content marketing and how can you use them?

Adaptive content.

If your content works only on a desktop computer, you’ve already fallen behind. Adaptive content not only works across desktop, mobile, and tablet, but it is shareable, working well across various social media and other platforms.

Customer segmentation in email.

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As a small business, the knowledge you have about your customers is worth its weight in gold. However, customer analyses mean nothing if you don’t actually use that data to segment your email marketing. Make sure that you use your analytics to target different customer groups with different content.

Learn about your audience through keyword research.

There are many free keyword tools out there just waiting to be used by your small business. These tools allow you to learn more about the users who land on your site. What are they looking for? What are their values? What kinds of products are they seeking to purchase?

There’s no reason your business shouldn’t be conducting keyword research. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that can be applied to all of the components of your marketing strategy.

High-quality content.

This point should go without saying, but it’s so important that it cannot be ignored. Regardless of what type of content you produce—or which industry you’re working within—high-quality content still reigns supreme. Whether you’re posting reports, guides, video, a series of blog posts, or another kind of content, it’s imperative that your content is the highest quality possible.

The market is flooded with other businesses trying to say that they’re the best in the biz. Your branded content is an opportunity to prove to customers that you’re the expert and that you know what you’re talking about.

How-to guides.

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This point mirrors the trend of high-quality content, but we need to highlight how-to guides because of their utility. Users love how-to guides, and they’re often what a user is searching for online. These guides are an opportunity for you to describe a process to users, allowing them to spend more time on your page and engage with your content.

Behind-the-scenes experiences

Those of us of a certain age remember the Mr. Rogers episodes where they went into factories to see how things were made. Inevitably, an interesting process would be revealed. Who knew crayon manufacturing was so fascinating?

Though your business may not be dealing with something as tactile as a manufacturer would be, there are still behind-the-scenes processes that your potential customers may be interested in.

Be creative: everyone likes feeling like an insider. You can give users an experience they’ll share, internalize, and remember when they’re ready to buy.

To move customers closer to a buying decision, you need a continual stream of fresh content. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

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