Website Usability Analysis

freelancer-763730_1280Simply stated, web usability is the study of how people use your website.  This type of analysis can help determine who is using your site, how they are using it, how often they visit and more, giving you the tools to ensure that your site is doing as much for you as it possibly can.

With our help you will be able to see where users stop engaging with your site. This may point to a navigation issue; design issues come to light; we can also see what’s really working to your advantage and put that to work in other areas of the site.

Local Search Heroes can provide a complete usability study for your website, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Improve the user’s experience at your site
  • Elimination of user challenges/frustration
  • Improve conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Increase lead generation effectiveness

All of this leads to increased customer satisfaction, increased conversions and as a result, increased ROI

If you feel your website hasn’t been working for you as well as expected, before you go back to the drawing board, let Local Search Heroes conduct a Usability Analysis.  For more information, click here or contact us at 250 486 1321.