Traffic Conversion

Pay-Per-Click campaign?  Check.  Great SEO?  Check.  An established presence in Social Media?  Check.  You are now an established online presence with the search engines and you are seeing more traffic than ever at your website.  That’s great, isn’t it?  Only why aren’t you seeing an increase in revenue?

Getting people to visit your website is one thing, getting them to makes a purchase or at least turn into a prospect, is quite another.  The battle is won if you’re getting the traffic – now it’s time to win the war.

Traffic conversion is a key component of online marketing.  Your ultimate goal is to have your user perform an action – opt in to email, download a report, complete a lead form.  The percentage of people who do perform that action are referred to as your conversion rate, which is a measurable figure.

Traditionally, online companies have been able to increase conversions by:

  • Offering value in the form of an incentive
  • Providing easy access to customer service
  • Making a site easy to navigate

However, with today’s new Internet savvy buyer, it’s not enough.

Local Search Heroes can help bring the latest traffic conversion technologies and techniques to your business.  Instant coupons sent via text message.  Free, value added information via twitter.  Contests through social media outlets, such as facebook.  Research has shown that once a user has built a social relationship with a business, they are much more likely to purchase in the future.

Have questions about how you can increase your conversion rates?  Let Local Search Heroes show you the way. You can contact us here or call us at 250 486 1321.