Social Media

Likes have become the new links. Social media signals are rapidly becoming one of the most powerful signals of brand authority online.

Increasingly people are swerving past advertisements and avoiding sales pitches. Think of how often you use the ‘mute’ on your own TV. When people are considering what service or product to buy they are (in droves) using social media sites to seek out the opinions of friends, family and other consumers.

It is vitally important that your business becomes part of that conversation. Probably your competitors already are.  The marketing process is very different from the approach taken with say, direct marketing. However the potential pay offs for positioning your brand within the online social landscape are huge.

Social media provides you with a platform for not only reaching your target audience, but more importantly, to interact with it.  The ‘social media twist’, means you’re no longer advertise your products or services, instead your customers are advertising them for you.  By ‘tweeting’ their good experiences or offering a good rating or review they are telling the world that you are a good bet.

Local Search Heroes can help you develop and execute a social media marketing plan specially designed for your business. The benefits of a great planned well executed social media marketing plan are:

  • Improved branding for your business
  • A presence in the community
  • Better search rankings
  • Link Building
  • Increased traffic to your site

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