Inbound Marketing

Distributing relevant, timely, and value-added content is what Inbound Marketing is all about. Content marketing differs from traditional marketing in that you are communicating with your contacts without (directly) attempting a sale. At first, the technique might not make much sense to you – why would you want to spend time and money on something that won’t increase your revenue? Today’s consumers simply don’t interact with marketing techniques as they have in the past. There are many reasons why interruption marketing is failing but here are just a couple:

  • Email marketing campaigns do not have the same effectiveness as they used to – overwhelmed by spam and advertising, the open rates of these mass email campaigns has declined considerably
  • Web surfers are becoming immune to online advertising – most users have disabled pop up ads and are becoming blind to banner advertising

By using content marketing strategies, you are providing consumers with information that is relevant and useful to them at no cost. This is a central strategy of ‘In-Bound Marketing’. In time visitors begin to see you as a trusted ‘friend’. Studies have shown that consumers who have an established relationship with a company, and enjoy a certain level of trust, are much more likely to buy.

Your content strategy gently guides your client prospect along the buyer’s journey. At each stage, the process is filtering more and more for the prospects with the best fit for your company’s services. The end result is that you receive more and more appropriate referrals and new business inquires.

Blogs, social media outlets, article directories, and permission-based email are all avenues through which you can deliver this content at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Local Search Heroes can help you do it. Contact us for more information.