Rich Media SEO Tactics for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are looking for ways to stand out in the crowd and attract more clients. However, the competition is extremely fierce with tens of thousands of highly motivated, qualified advisors seeking to get ahead and acquire clients through online sources.

Fortunately, there are new ways to stand out, especially by using rich media. This improves search engine optimization (SEO) and provides a channel for advisors to gain new clients. Rich media is a powerful tool that is a great marketing technique through search engines.

What is rich media?

This form of content is generally considered as content that is visually stimulating and that is much more than simple text on a page. They include gifs, videos, infographics, SlideShare and other visual media. These are used to educate, enlighten or just grab attention. They are often funny or entertaining and keep the viewer interested.

rich media seo tactics for financial advisors computer on desk

Rich media is the most likely type of content to go “viral”. In other words, it is shared organically from friend to friend without additional spending by the company until it is seen by millions of people.

It may be found through a link but more often appears directly on the social media or messaging platform.


This form of media is the most common because it is easy to create and upload on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Financial advisors might like to provide free market updates, product overviews or financial planning guidance to potential and current clients.

This is a way to introduce yourself while at the same time providing something of value that the viewer will be interested to watch.

If they begin to trust your expertise and knowledge, they will be much more likely to become a client in the future. Over time, as the video gets more and more page views, more potential clients will come forward.

Even if they don’t contact you directly and ask to open an account, they may leave their contact information on your webpage so that you can call or email them. Soon enough, some of these viewers will convert into clients.


These are charts that explode with color and numbers. They are highly amusing and point out something interesting about the world that the client may not know about.

For example, it could be a chart of interest rates over hundreds of years, demonstrating that we are near a low point. It could also be a 3D pie chart showing different ways to allocate funds.

Either way, it should be easily digestible, quick to understand and read. Most importantly, these infographics should be easy to share and have links back to your webpage.

The graphic should be shared through one click to email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or text messaging. However, it should also have a link to your site so people know who it came from.

Over time, some of these people will also leave their contact information which can then be used to close new clients.


rich media seo tactics for financial advisors computer on desk

All of these types of media improve the search engine optimization value of your site. Studies show that 75% of clients buy from the very first page of a Google search.

That means that if you don’t have a high ranking through paid or organic results, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of clientele.

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Fortunately, the rich media above help to dramatically increase your search page ranking. In particular, as clients share media across the web, the links back to your homepage are read by the search algorithm. It then increases your ranking due to the increased attention you receive.

Over time, your ranking will continue to rise and rise until you are at the top of the rankings. This will result in a tremendous amount of new clients.

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