Social Media Posts for Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing

According to a Putnam Social Advisor survey, 86% of investment advisors who are leveraging social media posts report gaining business – an average of $5 million! Yet, only 50% of financial advisors know how to use social media effectively to grow their business (Source: Investopedia).

These numbers reveal there is incredible potential for growth for your fee-only financial advisory firm in using social media marketing to reach and engage clients. It also means that only half of your competitors are fully optimizing their social media platforms.

So, your social strategy can give you that slight, competitive edge.

But where do you start? How can you begin sharing content to capture attention and drive engagement in newsfeeds? What type of content will help you stand out and get noticed?

Here are 7 easy yet effective social post ideas to get the ball rolling in your favor to liven up your social media marketing strategy:

#1 Answer a frequently asked question

Social MediaAddressing questions often asked from your audience is the surest way to establish credibility in the financial planning and wealth management industry. It’s also the best tactic to offer value to your social followers.

So make a list of these popular questions and use each one as a new social media post.

#2 Share an inspiring quote

We can agree that quotes are popular on social media. But add a piece of your personality by sharing what the quote means to your brand. Why is it inspirational to you?

Doing so will separate you from other quotes while highlighting your values.

#3 Take a poll about a mildly controversial topic

Controversy drives conversation and engagement. It doesn’t have to be a highly controversial topic, either. Simply doing a poll such as “Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?” is a fun way to get your followers interacting on your page.

#4 Post a video offering a helpful financial planning/budgeting tip

Videos are all the rave on social media. They quickly build trust, drive amazing engagement, and increases the visibility of your brand.

Social Media

Most of your followers prefer video so give them more of what they want. Use this tool to share your expertise by offering tips and hacks in financial planning and budgeting.

#5 Share your favorite books, podcasts, and/or blogs related to the financial industry

What are some of your favorite resources that you would recommend to your audience? Share them in a list on your social platforms. Being viewed as a valuable resource is another way to stand out amid the noise.

#6 Post pictures of clients attending your event

Your events are an excellent opportunity to capture content for your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy.

You see, you can take photos and use them for your social media and blog content. You can take short video snippets and publish them on YouTube along with social media. And, you can use any client testimonials you get and leverage them for your reviews and user-generated content.

In other words, your events are a goldmine for content creation. Leverage them to your utmost advantage!

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#7 Take your followers behind-the-scenes by going live!

Stats and facts prove that live streaming and video is the best way to build brand awareness fast. There’s something about followers being able to connect with you in real-time and experience you live and in living color. It makes you more authentic, a trait that followers crave on social media.

There are a plethora of ways to use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for your social content. Taking viewers behind-the-scenes seems to be a popular tactic that boosts engagement. Show them what it’s like at a day in the office. Feature your office staff and other investors in your firm.

The more opportunities you create for your followers to get to know you, the more this bolsters the know, like and trust factor.

In Conclusion…

Implementing social media into your fee-only financial advisor marketing is a must in 2020.

Use these social post ideas to begin driving better engagement with your audience. Invite them into your world by allowing users to know more about your firm, your values, and brand personality. With consistency, you’ll notice your followership growing and increased responses from your social posts.

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