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Ideal Client Prospect? Don’t Let Your Web Presence Be a Shot in the Dark

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There is a scene in the movie ‘The Patriot’ where the character Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) is teaching his young son to shoot a rifle. He instructs him to aim for the nickel-plated buttons on the ‘Red Coat’s’ (invading English forces) tunic. “That way,” he says, “If you miss the button you will probably still have hit something”.  The principle he was teaching his son was ‘aim small, miss small’. This also happens to be an extremely valuable principle in marketing.
‘Aiming small’ in the marketing arena is made possible by rigorously researching your ideal client-prospect. As a result of this research, you can then assemble what we call an ‘avatar’ or ‘persona’ for your target audience.

Aiming With Your Persona

Below is an example of a simple persona profile. Obviously, when you are planning to invest significant amounts of time, energy and money in marketing to them, you can assemble much more information about your client-prospect persona. This example shows the kind of at-a-glance type document that writers and content developers would use to remind them who they are talking to.

ideal client prospect

It’s important to note that you do not simply choose someone who is already an ideal client and describe them. The persona is a cocktail of characters and personality-types that make up your ideal client base.

You can use some of the aspects of present clients but the persona should always be a composite of people.

The effect of aiming this small with your content can be quite magical at the other end. When your client/prospect bumps into your free ebook download, webinar, whitepaper or any other kind of quality content you offer.

The prospect will feel as if you are talking directly to them that you understand them and their world. And this would be true. You have researched what keeps them awake at night, and what they aspire to achieve. Your research has unearthed the problems that are most important to them.

Taking Them on a Buyer’s Journey

Your company’s quality content provides them valuable insights and advice about those problems – for free, with no catch, no half measures, no trickery. This reassures them that your company is really motivated to help people, just like them.  And also just as importantly, that you or your company are real experts that ‘know their stuff’.

ideal client prospect

As they interact with the content your site and social media profiles make available – they are travelling down a buyer’s journey which you have paved with quality, engaging content.  If you are using a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), you can keep track of where they are on that journey.

You will know, with a certain amount of confidence, at what point the person would be ready for a voice conversation with you.

When that conversation does happen you will be talking with someone who has been educated about their problem through your content. You can then assume the role of an expert (your content has established you as this already) who is supporting them to find the best solution for their specific circumstances.

The buyer’s journey will have screened out a high percentage of those client-prospects that would not have been ideal clients, so you have more time and energy to devote to those that are the best candidates for new business.

This is the essence of aiming small to miss small. By the time you are having a conversation with the prospective client – you are able to easily fine-tune the conversation to be about their specific problems, reservations, aspirations etc.

Marketing automation is another aspect of the inbound methodology that sets it apart from the old-fashioned (and increasingly unsuccessful)  interruption marketing.

And speaking of interruptions – did you ever wonder how you can gain a client-prospects attention without interrupting them? In the next blog, we will explore how to gain their attention without annoying your prospect.

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