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How Not to Suck While Reaching Out to Your Potential Customers

Vacuum cleaners are supposed to suck…. but not your marketing. ‘Not sucking’ should be a primary goal of all communications with prospective clients.

And we have to be very careful that we don’t fall into the ‘water-what-water’ problem that most fish suffer from. ‘Sucky web content- what- sucky web content’?

Turning your client-prospect off before they have even discovered anything about your services, will not do much for your self-esteem or business development for that matter.

Not Sucking Isn’t That Hard

Thankfully there are a number of proven lead generation strategies for significantly raising the chances that your marketing messages will be received with interest and even enthusiasm.

The secret?  Turn your marketing messages into educational content that is of such a high quality, that people would practically pay for it.

But instead of having to pay for it, they simply exchange a little personal information for access to an eBook, white paper, video, webinar, etc. The content they receive will directly address a specific problem or set of problems the client-prospect has.

You or your content creator know what their problems are (because you have researched this very carefully) and have assembled engaging, informative and problem-solving information. You make this freely available in exchange for their email address.

Bingo – your marketing messages don’t suck anymore.

In fact, they ‘blow’ about your:

  • Expertise -you ‘wrote the book’
  • Insight – into their specific problem
  • Generosity – providing free help

So how do I create such great content, I hear you ask (or am I’m suffering from auditory hallucinations!)? Here are the 3 main steps toward producing content that will bring well-qualified client prospects to your door.

Step #1 – Research

Become obsessed about who your ideal client prospects are. There are a number of ways you can find out more about them. Interview your present clients – ensure you only interview those who are ideal clients.

A survey like this can unearth a great deal about what makes them ‘tick’. Their fears, their aspirations, their beliefs about their problems and so on. Many companies have successfully used an online survey like Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo.

Who Don’t You Want?  An even more advanced form of research is finding out more about what we call ‘negative personas’. These are persona profiles of prospects that have in the past been successfully onboarded as clients. However, they turned out to not be a good fit for your service, were unhappy or troublesome because there was a poor fit. By knowing more about these people, you can proactively filter them out during the buyer’s journey.

Step #2 – Design

Now you have all this information about who you do and don’t want to attract, what do you do? Well, you create a one-page, at-a-glance persona profile for your ideal client prospect.

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You can create one of these using a free persona tool like this one. Now you or your content creator are ready to write /design content that will appeal to this persona.

Step#3 – Deliver

Now that you have carefully customized content -you are ready to approach the web. You or your marketing team can promote the content through the usual channels blog posts, social media posts, and web content.

You can do this with a renewed sense of confidence that you are talking the right language and it is only a matter of time before the right people begin to enter your sales funnel.  Then you can of course manage those interested in your content by using a CRM that tracks their interactions with your content, landing pages, and other web assets.

Granted, I have covered a great deal of stuff in a pretty simplified form. However, I wanted to demonstrate to you that there is a very straightforward set of activities that can make your brand more noticeable and engagement-worthy.

In future posts, I’ll be explaining some of the more complex aspects in greater detail. So why not subscribe for updates to our blog?  You can also reach out at any time to speak to someone about the marketing services we provide financial advisors.

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