citations boost seo for financial advisors people looking at map on phone

How Citations Boost SEO for Financial Advisors

citations boost seo for financial advisors

Gaining new clients as a financial advisor is hard. There is tough competition and it is difficult to truly demonstrate your expertise, knowledge, and resources in a marketing sound bite or material. For that reason, advisors have to think cleverly about ways to market themselves and gain more visibility in the community. One of the top ways is to use citations online to increase the web traffic that flows to you and your firm. Citations are a powerful way to increase exposure and leads that drives business and revenue.

NAP Citation

A citation is any mention of your business or your name in a professional capacity. Ideally, these mentions would also include your Name, Address and Phone number or NAP. A complete list of this information is considered one NAP citation. Incredibly, it doesn’t actually matter if the NAP citation links back to your website or not. Google and other search firms use sophisticated web crawlers that recognize this information and boost your name and site in traffic rankings. You will also appear on maps and automated community information through these search engines. Marketers can help to increase the number of online citations you have. However, there are different types of citations and ways to get them published.

Types of Citations

The first type of citation is the structured citation. These appear on sites that are meant to be resources for information about local businesses. Some of the major sites for structured citations include:

  • Yelp
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo Local Pages
  • Yellowpages
  • Superpages
  • MapQuest

These sites allow users to easily search for the local goods or services they demand. They also prominently feature local companies that may be of interest to the consumer. Of course, these sites prioritize the firms with more links and more promotion to the top of their rankings. Lastly, advisors can purchase space to appear at the top of results or in the sidebar of any search. This leads to more leads and business.

The next type of citation is the unstructured citation. These are found in blocks of texts from sites that are not as easily searchable. They include large social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. They also come from blogs, community sites, and financial information platforms. Web crawlers are becoming more sophisticated and actually pick up on these citations, especially when they include NAP data.

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Increasing Citations

To really boost a business, financial advisors and marketing teams can boost citations in a few ways. The easiest way is to simply correct any misspellings or errors in online citations. Getting these right helps to create consistency and improves the organic rankings of your firm.

Secondly, advisors should submit more and greater content. This includes blogs, LinkedIn posts, and information on financial data platforms. Advisors can network with local businesses and lobby or pay for space on their sites as well. The more citations the better.

Trust and Authority

citations boost seo for financial advisors

One might wonder why using citations for SEO matter. After all, a good business can speak for itself. However, these citations are actually extremely valuable in establishing trust and authority. Clients that see a name online and an array of validating sources will be much more likely to trust the company. This is especially important in financial advisory where the manager handles sensitive financial information and decisions.

Citations are one of the best ways to establish that authority online. Clients know that the more citations a firm has, the more likely it is to be reputable. Similarly, if a firm has managed to get itself to the top of the search rankings it must be competent and have market support.

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