Did you know the landing pages for fee-only financial advisors play an important role in a successful inbound marketing strategy? For fee-only financial advisors, creating and promoting landing pages is a top tactic for building relationships with prospective clients and growing your list.

Also known as capture, squeeze, and opt-in pages, having these tools actively working in your financial advisor marketing strategy will help drive customers to your funnel and, ultimately, improve your bottom-line through conversions.

In fact, since building your list is the lifeblood of your business, using multiple landing pages targeted for your various personas is vital for improving your lead generation strategy.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages for fee-only financial advisors

Landing pages are designed to do one thing: capture a visitor’s information to convert them into email subscribers.

When a user clicks on an ad or link promoting a content offer, they’re directed to your landing page. This single-page website includes the information regarding the free content or special offer that lead the user to click on the link and a call-to-action for visitors to complete a form.

Yet, depending on what your landing page is promoting, it can also be used as an opportunity to educate your visitors by answering relevant questions about your financial products. It’s the perfect tool to start a new relationship with a potential client and get them engaged.

Why are Landing Pages for Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing Important?

As stated, landing pages are key tools for generating fresh leads for your business. They’re essential for your ad campaigns, social media marketing, and any content offers you’re giving away.

In fact, the more of them you have working in your favour that are targeted and specific for one purpose, the more success you’ll create in your lead generation strategy. As a fee-only financial advisor, building a list of qualified subscribers is vital to growing your firm. Strong, compelling landing pages for fee-only financial advisors can help get you there.

Here are a few other reasons why landing pages are important for your marketing strategy:

  • Improves your local SEO ranking – More local content means more opportunities to have your pages move up in the search index for local search.
  • Appeal to different content offers – For each lead magnet (whether your eBook, financial spreadsheet, template or video), you’ll want to build a separate landing page that details, sells and demonstrates the benefits.
  • Appeal to different audiences – Having different landing pages allow you to tailor your content to speak to your different buyer personas, dramatically improving conversion rates.

Landing pages for fee-only financial advisors

How to Use Landing Pages for Your Marketing Strategy

With a clear understanding of why you must begin using more landing pages for your fee-only financial advisors in your marketing strategy, here’s how to get started and a few best practices to consider when developing your pages.

Get the Tool

There are a plethora of landing page tools on the market you can choose from that fits your digital marketing goals and learning curve. The key is ensuring that the tool you choose integrates with your existing email marketing software.

At Local Search Heroes, our team can create beautifully designed landing pages that focus on increasing conversions and getting results for your business. Learn more about our landing pages solution and how we can help you boost your traffic and lead conversions.

Keep in Mind these Best Practices

When developing your landing pages, consider the following tips to maximize your strategy:

  • Be sure the headline and subheadline work together to form a strong value proposition
  • Keep your content concise. It should get to the point quickly, focusing on generating the opt-in
  • Limit the images to 1-2 per landing page to alleviate visual clutter
  • Try to prevent visitors from scrolling down, if possible, to get to the CTA
  • Only ask for what you need for the opt-in fields
  • Test your results to consistently improve your pages over time
  • Add social proof to boost credibility and trust

Learn More Marketing Tips for Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Your Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy through Landing Pages

Landing pages are important tools and should be leveraged consistently for your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy. Aim to ramp up your lead generation by testing different landing pages with your audience. Use paid and organic traffic tactics to increase visitors for optimal results.

Much success.

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