Are customers beating down your doors or hammering you with emails and phone calls to ask for your financial guidance? Not likely. Financial advisors who aim to ‘be the best they can be’ don’t rely on chance to grow their business. They know that growing a business involves promoting their services both offline and online, and they understand the importance of engaging the guidance of financial advisor marketing consultants who are experienced in the ever-changing world of online digital marketing.

Your business expertise is providing advice on financial matters such as investments, wealth management, tax, and estate planning. Customers engage your services and rely on your expertise in these financial matters for advice and planning. They are not prepared to successfully navigate the processes involved in financial management.

Following the same logic, as a financial advisor, your expertise lies in ‘all things financial’, and not in developing digital marketing strategies that grow your business.

Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies

Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies

A financial advisor marketing consultant is the expert in ‘all things marketing’ and how they relate to the financial world. The consultant’s knowledge base includes knowing what digital marketing strategies are best suited to a fee-only financial advisor’s business. These strategies are the tools that build your firm’s image, extend awareness of your services, drive prospective customers to make contact, and continuously engage customers and prospects in conversations about financial matters, and by extension, your services.

Marketing strategies comprise the proactive elements of a firm’s marketing plan. At the most basic level, this plan forecasts the growth of a business, growth that relies on meeting sales expectations. Structured marketing strategies are specific actions carefully crafted to meet those expectations.

These strategies are identified and developed after a thorough review of business practices, clientele profiles and your personal approach to helping others achieve their financial objectives. Developing an overall marketing strategy is a first step. Next is identifying the strategic elements that carry your message to the public space.

A Financial Marketing Strategy Toolbox for Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Financial advisor marketing strategies go beyond offline marketing actions such as print advertising, mail campaigns, networking, and sponsoring workshops. They maximize the opportunities provided by an online digital presence on web and mobile platforms. This digital environment has become an important source of information, including information on finding fee-only financial advisors.

Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies

A thorough financial marketing strategy toolbox includes digital marketing strategies that overlap in message and purpose. These structured actions work together to achieve the desired goals. They can include actions such as:

  • Design/development and continual enhancement of a corporate website.
  • Engaging in a digital marketing program.
  • Creating and evaluating inbound marketing possibilities.
  • Adopting aggressive search engine optimization practices.
  • Participating in social media marketing opportunities.

When carefully monitored and tweaked as necessary, these tools extend awareness of your services. They are crafted to deliver a unified message, to drive prospective customers to make contact and to continuously engage customers and prospects in conversations about financial matters.

To further explore the importance of digital marketing have a look at this not-to-be-missed article. It addresses the question “Are You Doing Your Best to Grow Your Business?”, and expands on strategies designed to promote growth.


Being the best at what you do underlies your commitment to customers. Your expertise is identifying and tailoring those strategies that best meet your customer’s financial objectives. You’ve spent years of learning and extending your skill base in order to ‘be the best’. You know that’s what it takes to deliver successful results for your customers.

There is also the commitment to grow your business. Accomplishing this involves finding professionals with expertise in financial services marketing, professionals with proven experience.

Making It Happen

Our professionals at Local Search Heroes (LSH) have proven experience as marketing professionals in the finance sector. We believe in being the best at what we do and exist to help our customers do the same. Contact us here for a free consultation.

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