Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing: How to Create Content that Engages and Attracts Clients

We can agree that a top goal for your fee-only financial advisor content is driving engagement from your audience and attracting new leads. Your content creation must be strategic in getting people to stop, look and interact with your message.

Since engagement plays a big role in boosting results in search engines and reach on social media, it’s vital that your content is appealing and relative to your audience.

So, here are five strong ways on how to create a content marketing strategy for fee-only financial advisors that engages and attracts clients.

#1 Focus on Creating Conversations

If you don’t glean anything else from this article, understand this point: focus on producing content that encourages conversation. Ongoing communication and interaction like back-and-forth comments and shares signal authentic engagement.

In fact, Facebook’s latest announcement on prioritizing “meaningful social interactions” in newsfeeds reveals their shift towards showing content that adds value and is generating conversations among users.

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As a financial advisor, one way to drive these interactions is by asking open-ended questions that hit home with your audience. Consider the common problems your clients and prospects often experience in their financial planning. Turn these into questions to get a conversation going around these issues.

Additionally, live video fosters engagement. It also produces greater organic reach and increased brand awareness. Use this tool to bolster your social media marketing get your followers talking!

#2 Capture Attention with Videos

We can agree that videos have an incredible ability to capture attention and move viewers to action. Stats and facts consistently reveal that videos are a proven tool to grow your brand online.

Many of your clients would prefer to watch a video versus reading a blog or social media post. If you’re not using videos in your fee-only financial advisor content marketing strategy, it’s time to give the people what they want.

There are a plethora of ways you can energize your strategy by using video. Videos that highlight your firm’s story and mission are great assets that never grow old and attract potential clients in the process.

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Creating short how-to videos showing the process of completing a task an easier way to perform incredibly well on social media. Finally, answering FAQs using video is an excellent way to fuel your content through each phase of the buyer’s journey.

#3 Leverage Infographics to Better Educate Your Audience

Did you know marketing statistics show that infographics are liked and shared on social media more than any other type of content? As a fee-only financial advisor seeking to educate your audience about their financial planning and wealth management, infographics are the perfect tool for sharing detailed content in an illustrative, easy-to-consume format.

Infographics are multi-faceted in that they can serve several purposes in your content marketing strategy. By including them in a blog post, sharing as content for your email subscribers and posting on social media, you can distribute them in multiple ways to maximize exposure and engagement.

#4 Interactive Content is Your Friend

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With more content being published and shared at an alarming rate, consumers are seeking different ways to engage with content. Although blog and social media posts still work, to be highly effective and stand out, adding interactive content like assessments and calculators will make a big difference in getting people more involved in your message.

In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, 79 percent of marketers surveyed plan to increase their use of interactive content in 2018. You see, interactive content is special because it generates personalized results specific to that individual. Users will find this customized content much more valuable and engaging.

#5 Speak Directly to Your Readers

A huge goal of your content marketing strategy as a fee-only financial advisor is to build trust with your audience, establish your firm as an authority in the industry and create real connections. People want transparency and authenticity in your message. They want to know how they can relate to you. Understanding your ideal client is a key ingredient to creating content that resonates.

With that said, speak to your readers as if they were directly in front of you. Express your personality and tone of voice to make your content genuine. This is how you’ll attract people that can connect with you and are likely to continue following your brand.

Creating a content marketing strategy that engages is a must in 2018. Posting just to post will not cut it for your marketing strategy. It must be intentional in capturing attention and moving people to interact. Use these tips and you’re certain to experience a boost in attracting prospective clients to your business.

Much success.

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