best content marketing practices for financial advisors

Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing: 5 Best Content Marketing Practices for 2018

Are you creating your fee-only financial advisor marketing plan for 2018?

It’s important to consider the most relevant, up-to-date tactics and strategies that are driving results today. In an ever-changing digital era, understanding what works now in content marketing will ensure your financial planning firm stays abreast in attracting followers to your content and clients to your business.

We’ve put together the five best practices to keep in mind as you develop your content marketing strategy for 2018:

#1 Video is a Must!

With 85 per cent of the U.S. internet audience watching videos online, it’s vital to begin leveraging video in your financial advisor marketing strategy. Videos have a compelling way of capturing attention, engaging users and building trust quickly than other tactics.

You’ll discover that many of your prospects and clients will prefer video simply because it makes your message easier to digest.

best content marketing practices for financial advisors

It also helps people learn more about your firm, your story and how you can help them in their financial planning. Videos are by far one of the best tools to growing your brand and expanding your reach in an ever-growing digital space.

#2 Original, Consistent Content is Key

Content Marketing Institute shares that consistent, original and addictive content is all the rage. Big brands like Apple, Facebook and Google plan to invest big in original content — it’s important to take notice.

Keep in mind that content is what catches the attention of your audience and builds trust with your brand. In fact, according to our partners at Hubspot, 47 per cent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep from that company.

It’s this experience that moves your prospect through your sales funnel and closer to doing business with you.

Therefore, developing a solid content strategy that offers solutions, answers your client’s most pressing questions and inspires is crucial for remaining competitive in 2018.

As a Hubspot Agency Partner, LSH is equipped to help you create a solid content marketing strategy as a fee-only financial advisor. Let’s chat to see how we can give your brand the edge in 2018.

#3 Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

As we continue through 2018, it’s important to remember that consumers are interacting differently with content than they did five or 10 years ago. Although blogging is still effective, simply focusing on writing will not cut it with today’s audience.

best content marketing practices

Offering multiple ways for followers to understand your content will play a big role in appealing to different learning styles and preferences.

With that said, interactive content allows you to be creative with engaging, entertaining and educating your market. Formats such as quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators and assessments encourage readers to be more involved, improving their user-experience.

These interactive pieces can be tailored to your user’s unique problems, giving personalized results that your audience can use to their advantage.

#4 Repurposing Content to Promote Across Various Channels

Repurposing content is working smarter with your content marketing. By taking one piece of content and reformatting it into different forms, you’ve now multiplied your content efforts to increase your reach and influence online.

You’ve created new opportunities to promote on various platforms, significantly driving awareness to your financial planning firm.

For example, your blog post can be repurposed into the following:

  • An infographic, using tools such as Canva or to share on social media, your email list or in a new blog post.
  • A video series with each subheading as a new video topic. These videos can be promoted on Facebook or used as a lead magnet to capture fresh subscribers.
  • Host a webinar, diving deeper into the topic matter and offering attendees to ask questions on-the-spot and boost engagement.
  • Images for your social media content, highlighting a valuable key point on each image to further educate your followers
  • Convert your blog into audio and upload to your podcast channel.

#5 Distribution is Everything!

It’s not enough to simply create content, publish it, share it once and hope it drives traffic and engagement. An effective content marketing plan includes having a promotional or distribution strategy where you aggressively get your content in front of its intended audience consistently.

You spend a lot of time creating your content; it’s time for it to work for you. Know that it’s okay to promote your blog content.

For example, post several times over a period of time on social media to improve organic reach. Optimize your social content using hashtags or keywords to increase visibility.

Also, use content platforms such as Medium to share your content and bolster SEO ranking. Finally, always share your content with your email list. If it’s an evergreen post, consider adding it to your automation so new subscribers are introduced to your content.

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In other words, the goal is to have a distribution plan in place for your content other than publishing it to your blog.

Use these tips to guide you in creating your fee-only financial advisor marketing plan for 2018. Be sure to test your efforts regularly to stay in tune with your market and discover what’s working (and what’s not). With consistency, you’ll develop a killer strategy that drives results and more clients to your business.

Much success.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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