As a fee-only financial advisor seeking to build momentum in the industry, sharing value-rich content is a key component of your digital marketing strategy. Your content creation plays a big role in driving awareness since most of your audience is using content to learn more about your firm and what makes you different from other financial planners.  Read on to learn how to boost organic traffic and brand awareness.

Yet, content creation is only one-half of the puzzle. You see, it’s important to actively promote and get your value in front of those who are interested. The more you spend time marketing your content, the better return you’ll receive in organic traffic, engagement, exposure, and lead generation.

In fact, here are 5 actionable ways to amplify your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy and drive more awareness to your brand.

#1 Develop a Social Media Promotion Schedule

Using a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer, create a social media campaign around your blog post to increase reach. The following is a quick guide on how to extract the most from your blog content to maximize exposure:

  • Tweet various key points from your article several times daily. Add 2 hashtags that are relevant or popular within the financial planning industry so new followers can locate your content
  • Only use high-quality images on Instagram when promoting your blog. In the captions, list several hashtags to increase visibility and also mention where they can access your full article by going to the link in your bio profile
  • Promote multiple times on Facebook on different days. Use questions, quotes, and quick tips as a way to switch up the headline each time you share the same blog link

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Also, instead of using a “cookie-cutter” approach of posting the exact same message across each social channel, tailor your message appropriately so it speaks to the audience you’re writing for. Each social network has its own tonality and culture. Keep this in mind when sharing your blog link and you’ll be more effective in fostering engagement.

#2 Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is an excellent Q&A platform to highlight your expertise as a fee-only financial advisor. By answering questions, you position your brand as an authority in the industry, thus, increasing visibility. Quora is also a high-ranking website, helping to boost your SEO ranking when adding related blog links to your response. Therefore, find a question on Quora that either pertains to your recent blog post or industry in general. Give a proper response then include your blog link at the end offering viewers an opportunity to explore the topic further.

Can’t find a question? Start one on your own…then answer using the same tactic.

#3 Create Infographics

According to Hubspot, infographics are liked and shared 3 times more on social media than any other content type. These illustrative content pieces make data-driven and complex topics easy to consume. People simply find them valuable for understanding information opposed to reading about it through text.

Also, infographics easily enrich your content marketing by giving you more ways to use this content type across various platforms. So use this to your advantage. Repurpose your popular blog posts into multiple infographics by using Piktochart to design your own.

Add this to your social media promotion, email marketing campaigns, and content syndication strategy to amplify your reach.

#4 Create Text Images to Emphasize Valuable Key Pointers

It’s proven that visuals drive engagement on social media. From quote images to GIFs, to memes, and photos, including graphics with your text is more likely to elicit a response versus not having one at all. They’re also easily shareable. Increasing your visual marketing is certainly a winning move to stay competitive and relevant with today’s audience.

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So, in lieu of a text post, create text images where you emphasize a valuable key point from your blog article. Canva is a user-friendly tool where you can turn any major highlight in your post into an image, enhancing your social media marketing.

#5 Publish Your Blog Content on Medium

Did you know only 8% of marketers plan to add Medium to their content strategy? Yet, this blogging platform has an incredible 60 million unique visitors viewing its content monthly. Medium presents a huge opportunity for you to attract a new audience to your brand. Visitors are eager to digest fresh content on this site…give them something to look forward to.

The good news is, Medium makes it super easy for you to simply “copy and paste” your blog content directly to their platform. Be sure to mention at the beginning or end of your post where the article originally appeared. Get familiar with their commenting and liking system to be an active participant in this community. With consistency, you can yield an amazing source of traffic and followers leveraging Medium.

In Conclusion

Strategically promoting your content will help to increase traffic, brand awareness, and engagement from your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy. Use all or some of these steps to drive better exposure to your firm. As a result, you’ll experience a dramatic shift in your traffic generation, influence, and reach.

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