Generating leads is a big component of your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy. The more qualified leads you have coming into your funnel, the more opportunities created to convert these prospects into paying clients.

Yet, often, many small businesses struggle with lead generation. In fact, 63 per cent of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. In 2018, it’s essential to have a solid way of capturing leads to bolster your business goals.

improve lead generation fee only financial advisor

This includes having multiple lead magnets and tools working in your favor to attract prospects. Although e-books and guides are still strong content to grow your list, they don’t have the same impact they once had years ago. Today’s consumers are looking for experiences and engagement.

Here are a few ways you can improve your lead generation and amplify your overall fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy.

#1 Create a Template

Templates are highly-valuable assets to use for growing your list. Providing a template makes it easy for your audience to accomplish an everyday task or process. While building a spreadsheet or calculator is perhaps a breeze for you, it may be a pain for your clients.

You’re offering a free solution they can use towards their financial planning and wealth management — they will love you for it.

So, think about the common problems your ideal customer experiences. Is there a template, spreadsheet or calendar you can create that can help them easily overcome this challenge? It’ll be an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind, every time they use it!

#2 Host Facebook Live Webinars

Live videos on social media have become all the rave and brands are taking full advantage in implementing this tool in their digital marketing. Facebook Live is leading the charge with the ability to convert live broadcasts into a full-blown webinar presentation using Zoom.

Engage with your fans by hosting a live webinar on Facebook. Not only does this improve your lead generation by promoting in advance (and getting people to register), it also further positions your firm as an authority in financial advising by delivering great content to your audience.

#3 Use Inline Download Forms

improve lead generation fee only financial advisor ebook

Another way to improve your lead generation for your fee-only financial advisor marketing is by promoting an upgraded content offer within your blog post.

By including an inline download form, your offer already pertains to the subject the reader is currently engaging in. You’re simply providing an alternate resource or tool, so subscribers can apply or use the information.

For example, if your blog topic is “8 Ways to Prepare for Retirement”, your upgraded content offer could be a checklist they can download that highlights each of the eight steps. It’s relevant to what the visitor is reading so they’re more apt to opt-in and download your stuff!

#4 Promote Interactive Content

Interactive content fuels customer experiences (Source: Content Marketing Institute). Many marketers regularly use this tool to increase engagement, drive brand awareness and boost lead generation.

As internet users seek different and engaging ways to consume content beyond text, promoting interactive content is a killer technique to energize your financial advisor marketing, capture attention and move users to action.

With that said, consider creating interactive pieces such as calculators and quizzes. You can easily use Typeform to design your own quiz and help your market discover more about their financial health.

Be sure that users are met with a landing page where they have to give their contact information to receive their unique results.

#5 Use Exit Intent Technology

According to OptinMonster, 70 per cent of people who leave your website will never return. Therefore, you must create every opportunity for visitors to opt-in and stay connected with your company. One of the best website tools to help you with this effort is using exit intent technology.

As visitors move their cursor towards the close or browser, an attention-grabbing, last-chance offer is presented as a final resort to bringing them back to your site or opt-in. Brands and influencers like Neil Patel have proclaimed winning success having this feature on their website, improving lead generation by a whopping 46 percent!

Research apps such as SumoMe or OptinMonster feature exit technology. Each has a risk-free trial, so you can explore how it works and experience the gains of increasing your lead subscribers.

Building your email list is the lifeblood of your business. These tips offer solid ways to improve your lead generation beyond the standard e-book.

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Consider implementing each tactic into your fee-only financial advisor lead generation marketing strategy. Be sure to test your results to discover what’s working…and what needs to be modified.

With consistency, you’ll experience a substantial increase in lead growth, which ultimately drives more business to your company.

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