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Local Search Heroes

We feel very self conscious when it comes to talking ‘about us’. After all the very reason we’re in business is to serve you. So that is where our focus is firmly placed – on your business.

If you are a Financial Advisor then this is especially true. We have deep roots in the financial advice sector. Our special admiration is for those brave folk that help people manage their money. That’s a demanding role you have assumed.

You know you could do a better job of marketing your business online – but that’s not where your super-powers lie. So why squander your energy struggling with this stuff?

Local Search Heroes can ‘rescue’ your company from internet obscurity. Yes we do parade around the office in unflattering, overly tight spandex – but not all the time.

Instead we use our ‘super-powers’ to help the ‘good guys’ get found on the net. To us this means more people get better advice from real experts.

Along with multi-industry experience in branding and marketing strategy the LSH team consists of discipline-experts in:

We bring a combination of over fifty years of specific experience, within the financial advice sector.

The best way to discover if there is a match between your company’s needs and our company’s capabilities is to have a chat. Ask us questions, and let’s see where the conversation goes. You will probably be surprised how much you can learn in a 15 min chat.

Or if you wish to really test our X-Ray vision and telepathic powers – request a consultation. We can then take a closer look at your online presence and provide you some advice about your present marketing strategy. We have discovered this to be a great ‘no-strings’ way to find out about each other.’

Our Team

    • lsh

      Stephen Joyce


      About ten years ago Stephen began to build a team of obscenely talented marketing professionals using the principles of collaborative intelligence(CQ) . He became so obsessed with evolving human potential through CQ that he wrote a book about the topic. ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work’ which became a Amazon.com best seller after only 36 hours of its launch.

      Stephen founded Local Search Heroes as an outlet for his passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It is also his way to bring CQ into the online marketing space. Ten years later, his passion is still as vibrant and generative as ever. He is a accomplished and recognized expert and consultant in the field of team collaboration. Stephen’s company delivers customized marketing strategies and lead generation services to the finance sector in North America.

      He loves raw food, all forms of yoga, South America, and enjoys them in as many combinations as possible.

    • lsh

      Mary Nix


      With over 12 years of experience in online marketing, Mary has deep roots in client support management, digital strategy development, project management, website administration and SEO.

      A professional lifelong-learner Mary is acutely results-oriented and has a particular passion for helping clients put their best brand forward in the digital world. Before joining Local Search Heroes, Mary was a columnist and online manager for a national home-schooling publication.

      Mary is active advocate for adults with learning disabilities. She an eternal optimist and enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, art, music, traveling, reading, plant based living and organic gardening.

    • lsh

      Claire Guillano


      Claire brings over 15 years of experience in human resources, education, and digital marketing. She currently specializes in social media marketing and helps LSH clients build their online brand and engage their customers through social platforms.

      She grew up in the Philippines where she attained her degree in Psychology and diploma in Professional Education.

      She currently lives in Japan with her husband. Her interests include traveling, hiking, photography, and origami.

    • lsh

      Aqeel Bilal Malik


      Aqeel is a digital marketing analyst and a visionary business strategist who has worked with a global clientele for over 12 years. With a background in web strategy and digital marketing he is a seasoned expert in B2B and B2C market research methodologies, target market analysis and customer segmentation strategies.

      Aqeels’ professional career spans more than 300 marketing, branding, social media and SEO projects from different business verticals. His unique skill-set enables him to manage a diverse team of experts in conversion rate optimization (CRO) , mobile optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web data analysis.

      His strong team management skills enable LSH to deliver incredible ROI for every dollar invested in digital marketing.

      Besides his busy professional life he enjoys spending time with his family, plays a mean game of snooker and enjoys cycling.

    • lsh

      Santiago Steffano


      Santiago heads up LSH Pay-Per-Click (PPC) team. Santiago is a Google Adwords Certified professional, with over 6 years experience managing cost-effective pay per click campaigns. His expertise extends to Bing ads, Facebook ads, Adroll and SEO. He has a degree on International Business with strong focus in marketing and commerce. Before joining Local Search Heroes, he worked in a number of other international digital marketing agencies.

      Besides his passion for client results Santiago loves to play soccer and cook recklessly.

    • lsh

      Sandra Gale

      Title: Chief Financial Officer

      As the company’s financial officer with over 20 years accounting experience, Sandra balances the books. A self-professed frugality guru, she assures that client accounts are managed carefully and cost effectively.

      In Sandra’s non work life, she practices as an end of life doula and also volunteers with Hospice. She helps people and their families navigate the final transition. This has become part of her life’s service. Sandra believes that only when we can make friends with death that we can truly live a richer life.