The importance of blogging for fee-only financial advisors is crucial as it helps build your presence, credibility, and potential clients online. Yet, we can agree that a top challenge of blogging is attracting new and repeat visitors to your content.

With minimal traffic, your blogging efforts can seem futile if you’re not driving engagement or leads from your posts.

However, there is good news! By leveraging Medium, a blogging platform for writers, publishers, and brands, you can get your content in front of thousands of engaged readers while amplifying your content marketing.

You see, Medium boasts 60 million unique visitors every month that are seeking to indulge in high-quality content (Source: Search Engine Journal). By adding Medium to your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy, you create an additional channel for your audience to find and connect with you.

In fact, here are six reasons to consider using Medium in your content marketing.

Why Include Medium in Your Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing Strategy

#1 Complements Your Blogging Strategy

In addition to publishing on your blog, you can syndicate your best content on Medium to get your message in front of more readers. Optimize your content for SEO by using keywords that your clients are likely to use to find your content and including internal links from your blog to link back to your pages.

Medium is also incredibly user-friendly. Simply copy your blog post and paste it into Medium’s editor. The key is ensuring that you mention – and link – where the article originally appeared either at the bottom or beginning of your post.

#2 Leverage Its Reader Engagement

A big benefit of using Medium is that its readers are highly engaged; meaning, they’re more likely to show you engagement signals such as likes and comments.

Another neat feature they have is highlighting key points throughout your text that they feel resonates or is important. Other readers see this highlighted text and this text also appears on the user’s homepage…giving your message even greater exposure.

As you gain more engagement, Medium is more likely to feature your article to more readers!

#3 High Domain Authority Website

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When you publish content on a high-domain authority website like Medium, you have a greater chance of ranking for your keywords if they’re relevant to your audience (and what they’re searching for).

This is good news, especially if your firm is just building their web presence or haven’t had huge success in attracting visitors. It’s even better news because not many of your competitors are leveraging Medium. According to HubSpot, only 8% of marketers plan to implement Medium in their content marketing within the next 12 months.

So now is the time utilize this platform to your advantage; for increased visibility and website visitors.

#4 Contribute to Publications

Medium houses large publications that are looking for contributors to add value to their pages. Many of these have followers anywhere close to 10,000 to the upward hundred-thousands.

You can find publications that specifically speak on financial and wealth management topics or contribute to ones where your audience would spend time reading.

Use Smedian to help you locate publications on Medium to reach a larger audience fast!

#5 Optimize Your Profile for Lead Generation

Your Medium profile appears every time someone reads your article. Meaning, you have an opportunity to capture fresh leads with each new read.

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This is a big advantage since many financial advisors have a challenging time of generating leads. To be effective, it’s important that your lead offer is super-targeted and relates to your audience.

Free spreadsheets, templates, and video series are perfect lead magnets to boost conversion rates.

#6 Simple Analytics Measures Growth

Although not robust, Medium offers stats to gauge how many views, readers, and fans your posts are generating.

But sometimes, simpler is better, right? By simply reviewing these analytics, you can easily determine what is working on Medium and the adjustments you can make topic-wise to improve your numbers.

As you give your audience more of what they want, you will attract more readers to your content and produce better engagement.

Amplify Your Marketing Fast with Medium

Medium is the ideal platform to increase your firm’s visibility and drive awareness. Now is the perfect time to take advantage since its readership continues to grow with strong opportunities of ranking your content on Google.

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Commit to leveraging Medium to get your fee-only financial advising brand in front of new readers. With consistency, you’ll find that this addition will move you closer to your marketing goals.

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