5 Simple Financial Advisor Internet Marketing Tips to Get Noticed

We can probably all agree that the internet is a crowded space. More businesses are using digital strategies today than ever before to get in front of their audience and bring attention to their brand.

So, how do you remain effective and competitive in your fee-only financial advisor internet marketing?

The good news is, there are simple tactics you can implement to help you stand out and get noticed. With consistency, you’ll experience an increase in follower engagement, traffic to your website, and qualified leads in your sales funnel.

Here are five top tips to start.

The Best Financial Advisor Internet Marketing Tips

#1 Allow Your Style and Personality to Shine

The best way to separate your brand from all the noise is to be authentic in your personality and style. This is what makes you unique, memorable, and gives you a slight edge.


Don’t try to emulate the tone of others; stand out and be different!

financial advisor internet marketing

Also, sharing your story is how people genuinely connect with your firm. You’ll become more relatable as you highlight you why, mission, and the audience you desire to serve.

People are more likely to remember your brand, so use storytelling and your unique voice to your advantage!

#2 Quality-Rich Helpful Content Attracts

Content is king, but quality content is what attracts ideal clients to your financial advisory firm.

You see, your blog, email campaigns, social media posts, infographics, and videos are all content types that can position you as an authority in the industry.

Offering valuable tips and tricks, spreadsheets and calculators, and different (content) tools your audience can use are all helpful pieces that cement your credibility in the financial advising space.

So, focus on sharing topics and tools that your clients can use to advance their financial and wealth management goals.

Wow them with your expertise…it’s okay to give your best advice! Also, keep the terminology simple – words and concepts people can understand – to draw the layman into your message.

#3 Hone Your Email Marketing

Growing your email subscribers is the lifeline of your business. In fact, the email strategy is a big component of your financial advisor marketing.

Research continues to prove that it’s the top revenue generator compared to other marketing strategies. The more qualified leads you have coming into your sales funnel, the more opportunities you create to foster these relationships into purchasing clients.

Therefore, commit to honing your email marketing to strategically move leads closer to the buying decision and increase revenue. Best practices include segmenting your list and creating triggered campaigns for personalization.

Also, being consistent in your publishing is key. Develop an email cadence, so your audience hears from you on a regular basis.

#4 Do Focus on Getting Positive Reviews

In addition to having your financial advising or wealth management firm show up on Google results through local SEO efforts, you also want positive reviews that support your listing.

You see, according to Inc, research reveals that 91% of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews. What’s more significant is that 84% trust these reviews as much as a personal recommendation.


Generating and collecting as many positive reviews will help build the trust factor with your audience, which is huge for online advisor internet marketing

Encourage your existing clients to leave positive reviews. It’s not a bad idea to create an entire campaign around this effort. Send follow-up emails that include a link where people can easily leave feedback on sites like Google and Yelp.

If you’ve noticed that people haven’t responded, or didn’t open the email, it’s okay to send a second notice.

#5 Use Live Video in Your Social Media Marketing

The final financial advisor internet marketing tip to help your firm stand out is by using live video to engage your social media audience. Stats and figures prove that live video has a tremendous impact on social engagement and brand awareness.

Yet, many brands are still not leveraging this powerful tool to advance their marketing. You have a big advantage with Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

Although LinkedIn doesn’t have live video streaming yet, there’s still an opportunity to leverage their video tool to capitalize on the benefits of video marketing.

When going live, your video doesn’t have to be incredibly long. The key is connecting and engaging with followers. So, answer questions that are most prevalent in the wealth management industry.

Offer one key advice your audience can use today in their financial planning. Take them behind-the-scenes, so they get an inside scoop of your firm’s culture and a day at the office.

Finally, be sure to acknowledge attendees throughout your broadcast to keep their attention and strengthen these relationships.

Even in a highly competitive space, there are still ways for your brand to stand out and get noticed online. Commit to using these tips in your financial advisor internet marketing.

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Test and analyze your work; discover what’s producing and what isn’t. Through testing and tweaking, you’ll develop a marketing strategy that creates consistent results in driving awareness, traffic and leads for your business.

Discover how to create a financial advisor internet marketing strategy to attract ideal clients to your business.

We’re equipped to helping you accelerate your results and drive profits. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.

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