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4 Ways to Improve Facebook Ads for Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing

As the No. 1 social media network boasting 1.37 billion daily active users, we can agree that your audience is on Facebook. What’s even better is that with Facebook advertising, you have a huge potential for reaching your ideal client to drive traffic and foster new relationships.

Because of low costs and an expansive database of user data, Facebook Ads is appealing to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Therefore, using Facebook Ads as part of your fee-only financial advisor marketing can produce significant results in your digital strategy.

Whether you’re looking to use Facebook advertising to boost awareness, improve engagement or generate leads, you’ll find the platform easy to use while bolstering your business objectives.

So, here’s how you can begin leveraging Facebook ads in your fee-only financial advisor marketing:

How to Use Facebook Ads for Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing

#1 Have a Specific Goal for Your Ad Campaign

The first step to your Facebook Ads campaign is be clear on exactly what you want to achieve. Are you looking to build more awareness of your firm? Grow your email list? Drive traffic to certain webpages?

As obvious as it may be, it’s important to hone in on one specific goal, so you choose the appropriate campaign in your Facebook Manager. The more clarity you have of the results you’re seeking, the more targeted your content for producing this outcome.

#2 Use Engagement-Related Posts to Improve Organic Reach and Awareness

Earlier this year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a post that Facebook will be focusing on creating meaningful interactions.

“We’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

In other words, Facebook algorithms have shifted – and continue to shift – towards showing posts that are relevant and fostering engagement with users. As a result, brands are rewarded with better organic reach for their next post.

With that said, use engagement-related posts to boost organic reach for your future campaigns such as lead-generation.

These posts include promoting your best performing blog content, asking questions that encourage users to respond and using video ads.

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The focus here is to get new and existing followers liking and commenting on your content to increase awareness and position you for better reach for subsequent ads. Therefore, be sure that you’re responsive to keep the conversation going!

#3 Create Killer Lead Magnets to Boost Lead-generation Campaigns

As a fee-only financial advisor, generating leads is the lifeline of your business…and Facebook ads can help get you there. The key is ensuring your content offers truly resonate with your clients in solving a problem or sharing invaluable information your audience can use. Your lead magnet must be good!

The good news is several lead magnet ideas will work for you in the financial planning and wealth management industry:

  • Templates or spreadsheets are killer tools your prospective clients can use in their personal finances. Business Insider gives an example of how a financial planner creates a spreadsheet to keep track of and monitor your net worth. This is a perfect free tool you can use as a lead magnet.
  • Webinars still work and are highly informative for participants. Use Facebook ads to promote your next broadcast. The big advantage is you could use Zoom to host your webinar directly on the Facebook platform.
  • Quizzes are interactive tools that overall perform well on Facebook. Test them with your audience to see how responsive they are. You can easily create your own using TypeForm.

#4 More Best Practices

Here are just a few more best practices to keep in mind for your Facebook advertising strategy:

Showstopper Image

According to Wordstream, images account for 75-90 per cent of Facebook Ad performance. To stand out and get noticed, make sure your image is high-quality and really captures attention.

Using the tool Canva is good for creating images, but it’s suggested to hire a graphic designer – such as Fiverr – to help you create stunning images for your ads.


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Don’t forget to tell your viewers what to do! Whether you want them to respond to the comments or click on the link to subscribe to your free tool, give clear instructions in your headline.

Studies show that giving clear directions simply outperforms headlines that do not.

Facebook Ads Amplifies Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook’s tremendous growth is attributed to their advertising platform. Marketers and brands are spending billions of dollars yearly to get in front of their ideal clients to progress their business agendas. It’s highly effective at increasing awareness, subscribers and traffic to your website.

Use this guide to implement Facebook ads as part of your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy. With consistency, you can dramatically better your results over time by analyzing and modifying your campaigns.

Much success.

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