4 Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing for Fee-Only Financial Advisors

In a digital age where content matters, your existing and prospective clients are expecting to see content from you.

According to HubSpot, 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before considering a business transaction. So, for fee-only financial advisors, creating content is necessary to connect with your audience.

Additionally, honing your content marketing strategy offers incredible benefits to your business. Your clients and followers desire to hear more from you. Improving your content marketing allows you to give your audience more of what they want while positioning your business as a leader and authority in the financial planning industry.

So, here are four ways fee-only financial advisors can better their content marketing:

#1 Be Clear on Your Content Marketing Goals

What exactly do you want from your content marketing strategy? Boost brand visibility? Increase your lead conversions? Build your online reputation?

Whatever your goals, it’s essential that you make them specific and clear from the beginning. This clarity will serve as a guide for everything you do online with your content. From your blog articles, email content, social media posts, to your case studies and so forth, each piece of content will have an intention that brings you closer to achieving your goal.

If you’re struggling with creating clear objectives for your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy, reach out to us for a free consultation.

#2 Develop a Blogging Cadence

4 tips for improving your content marketing for fee only financial advisors

Blogging is one of the best ways for financial advisors to build credibility, offer value, and increase their presence with online search.
In fact, the benefits of blogging are immense when you consider the impact it has on our overall digital marketing. Not only does it give you valuable content to share with your existing and prospective clients, but you can also syndicate and repurpose it into different content forms to extend your influence online.

Finally, consistent blogging attracts new visitors your way. Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts (Source: HubSpot).

Therefore, develop a content marketing strategy that supports weekly blogging. Even one post per week can have a positive effect on your traffic, leads, and web presence.

#3 Improve Your SEO Strategy

We can agree that there are constant algorithm changes when it comes to search engine optimization. Yet, staying up-to-date is critical to ensure you show up in local search results and for targeted keywords.

The good news is, there are some tried and true SEO tactics that have withstood the test of time. Be sure that you’re implementing the following simple practices for your website and blog content:

  • Better your page load speeds. The longer it takes for your content to load, the higher the chances of visitors leaving your website (this, in turn, increases your bounce rate)
  • Do share your best content on social media multiple times but using different headlines
  • Be sure that your primary keyword is included in your title, meta description, tags, URL, and sprinkled naturally throughout your blog content
  • How to’s and listicles perform well for awareness stage content and perfect for sharing your expertise in financial planning. Create content that delves deep into the topic as a long-form post, which performs great for driving organic traffic

#4 Leverage Content Ideation and Creation Tools

There are several tools that can aid in your content marketing. Here are a few to test and try for coming up with content ideas and helping you publish content efficiently:

4 tips for improving your content marketing for fee only financial advisors

CoSchedule – The huge advantage of CoSchedule is its ability to publish all of your content from one platform. It integrates all of the social media platforms, WordPress, your email marketing software, etc. CoSchedule also has amazing analytics so you can discover which content drives engagement and at what times of the day.

NewsCred – This comprehensive tool is geared towards helping you improve your overall content marketing performance. Its robust features include ROI, conversion, and content analytics, identify topics that resonate with your existing and potential clients, keyword research, discover what’s trending on social in the financial industry, and more.

Curata – Its motto: Discover, curate, and share relevant content from around the web. Curating content is a smart move for your content marketing. By sharing authoritative content from other industry-related sources, you continue to position your brand as a resource while providing your followers with ongoing value. Plus, content curation helps fill in the gaps of your own content marketing!

In Conclusion…

One final note to mention for your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy: When planning, developing, and creating your content, always keep your ideal audience in the forefront. What do they want and need? Where do they search? What questions are they asking regarding their financial planning and wealth management?

Use these answers to guide your content creation. Consequently, you’ll attract the right clients, ignite engagement, and drive real results from your content marketing strategy.

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