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4 Social Media Topic Ideas for Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Did you know that nearly 40% of investors use information from social media when making investment decisions?

Social media is increasingly becoming a source for consumers to search for and connect with brands that align with their product or service needs. As a fee-only financial advisor, having a presence on social media is crucial for engaging today’s clients.

So it’s important to share social content that resonates with your audience and positions you as a trusted brand in the financial services industry. If you’ve been looking for fresh ideas to better engage your audience or ready to amplify your social media marketing, here are four topic ideas to help improve your social media results:

#1 Offer Weekly Financial Planning Tips

One of the best ways to attract your ideal audience on social media is by offering free tips and advice followers can use to better manage their finances. If you consider the common problems or questions your prospects often have, these will serve as great content topics for your social media.

There are several ways you can share your tips. An effective tool is using live video to get in front of your audience and allow them to see you in real-time. This is a perfect way to foster trust and build authentic relationships with your followers.

social media topic ideas for fee-only financial advisors

You could also choose to create an informative image with your advice. Be sure to include popular search terms in your headline that your audience is actively using to find related content. Keywords perform better on Facebook and LinkedIn whereas hashtags reign on Twitter and Instagram.

#2 Curate Content with Your Own Voice

Curating or sharing other people’s content is smart for your content strategy. This way, you’re not spending most of your time creating content and you’re providing your audience with valuable resources they can use, helping to cement your own credibility in the financial services industry.

Of course, the content should be from an authoritative, reputable source. However, to make it unique while highlighting your brand, share why this content is worth reading. What makes it meaningful and relevant to your audience? What will readers gain from this source?

Mentioning these details will make the article much more interesting and keep your followers consistently engaged with your content…whose ever content you’re sharing!

#3 Share What It’s Like to Work with You

This topic idea actually works for your social media and blogging strategy. As a fee-only financial advisor, you have the advantage of quickly gaining trust with potential clients since your interests’ lies in their financial success as opposed to earning commissions from product sales.

social media topic ideas for fee-only financial advisors quote

With that said, let your social followers know what it’s like to work with you and what sets you apart from others in the industry. Walk them through the process of what they’ll need in their financial planning and things to consider when looking for a financial planner.

In fact, a good topic could be “3 Things to Know When Hiring a Financial Planner.” You can start this off as a blog post, then share sound bites of your content for your social media posts. Give people an idea of what it’s like so they’re more educated and prepared in their decision.

#4 Highlight a Cause You Support

Does your firm give to a national cause? How about an upcoming local charitable event you’re sponsoring? Share it on social media! People love to see when brands offer their support to promote awareness of a greater cause. It speaks highly of your firm’s values while bringing more attention to the organization and its mission.

Therefore, at a live charitable event, be sure to use your photos to enhance your social media marketing and keep followers in the know. Share why this cause is so important to your business and how people can get involved. You’ll be amazed at how your support can ignite others to support as well.

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Implement and Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With these topic ideas, you can create content that is engaging, promotes your brand, and attracts likely clients from your social media marketing. Continue to test your marketing to discover what is working best for your audience and what needs to be modified or tweaked.

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