In today’s competitive market, SEO is more important than ever for your financial advisor marketing. Google gets over 100 billion searches a month! Your clients are looking for answers to their questions or seeking solutions to their problems. It’s important to show up to position yourself as a trusted brand.

A strong SEO strategy can help you do that.

But in 2018, employing up-to-date SEO tactics is crucial to getting in front of your ideal clients. You see, Google algorithms are constantly changing in an effort to better relate to user engagement and experience. What works today may or may not work tomorrow.

Therefore, staying abreast of SEO is important to your brand because it keeps your strategy fresh and ensures you remain relevant in an ever-evolving digital era.

Here are four reasons why up-to-date SEO is vital to the success of your brand and digital strategy.

#1 Provides Optimal User-Experience to Visitors

Staying up-to-date with SEO ensures you’re providing visitors with the fastest, most user-friendly and best experience possible with your website.

Search engines aim to give users what they’re looking for via search results. By optimizing your content for SEO and sharing valuable information relevant to the topic, your audience gains a better experience. The search engines give them exactly what they want and further cement you as an authority in the financial planning industry.

Additionally, factors such as page load speed, dwell time (the number of times people spend on your website) and pages viewed per session are key ranking signals Google uses in its algorithms.

Each of these plays a big role because it shows that people are sticking around on your site and that the content aligns with what the visitors are searching for.

#2 Increases Brand Awareness

Up to date SEO is important to your brand

As mentioned, SEO allows you to show up when your ideal clients are looking for you. In fact, a solid SEO strategy that stays current to the trends will position you to rank for several relevant keywords so you keep showing up!

The more times a user comes across your company while conducting their search, the more it builds trust and drives traffic to your website.

Therefore, SEO helps increase brand awareness and visibility. It also puts you ahead of the competition. If two sites are promoting the same financial services, the search engine optimized website will gain a better web presence, thus drawing more customers to their business.

#3 Creates More Opportunities for Lead Conversions

Did you know 80 percent of marketers report that their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective? Generating leads is one of the top challenges businesses face in their digital marketing. Yet, it’s a big component of inbound marketing.

Up to date SEO is important to your brand

Another reason why up-to-date SEO is important to your brand is that it creates more opportunities to capture leads into your sales funnel. Your SEO efforts will attract targeted visitors to your website and landing pages.

When your content offer (i.e., e-book, template, checklist) resonates with their interests or solves a common problem in financial planning or wealth management, your lead conversions will improve significantly.

So, if your strategy is lacking in lead generation, using the latest SEO practices will help keep fresh traffic coming to these pages and providing chances for your prospects to stay connected to your brand.

#4 Enriches Your Inbound Marketing

A current SEO strategy will help continue to give you a strong presence in the financial advisor industry, enriching your overall inbound marketing strategy. When users find you on Google, you’re trusted.

Therefore, they’re likely to connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels, improving your social media marketing. (Actually, your social media offers SEO benefits, too!)

Additionally, the same keywords used in your SEO can be leveraged to optimize your blog and social media posts, providing chances for new followers to find your content and connect.

We Can Help

According to Hubspot, 40 percent of marketers say the most challenging obstacle to search engine optimization success is changing search algorithms. As Hubspot partners, we’re equipped to help your financial advising firm stay abreast of the latest trends — what’s working now in SEO so you can focus on what you do best.

We can help build your web presence, position you as an authority in the industry and attract likely clients to your business. Reach out to us here and let’s chat!

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