4 Interesting Ways to Gain Financial Advisor Marketing Leads

Are you looking for ways to capture more leads into your sales funnel? As a financial advisor, generating online leads plays a critical role in your overall digital marketing success. More subscribers present more opportunities to nurture these prospects into loyal clients of your brand.

So, how can you improve your financial advisor marketing leads strategy? Even though lead generation is a top challenge for many marketers, with clarity of your target audience and business goals, you can leverage content marketing to get in front of your ideal customer and capture their contact information.

In fact, here are four interesting ways to bettering your lead generation strategy.

How to Drive Financial Advisor Marketing Leads

#1 Create a Mini-Video Course

Videos are a big hit in digital marketing. More consumers would rather watch a video than read a blog or social media post. In fact, a recent HubSpot survey revealed that the average person watches 1.5 hours of video daily!

Therefore, use this engagement to your advantage by creating a short video course. Consider a top problem or challenge your client often experiences in their wealth management and offer solutions to overcome them in your video series.

In addition to promoting this as a way to generate financial advisor marketing leads, it’s also an excellent method to boost email engagement.

#2 Build a Tool and Give Away for Free!

Tools like calculators and spreadsheets are super useful in financial planning. Every time a potential client uses your tool, they’re reminded of your brand, keeping you in the forefront. You’re offering value, solving a problem, and creating a way for people to stay connected to you.

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Big marketing brands use free tools frequently to attract likely customers to their services. HubSpot, for example, created the Blog Ideas Generator to help their audience overcome a common problem: coming up with fresh topics for their blogging strategy.

CoSchedule, an editorial calendar, and social media management tool, developed the Headline Analyzer so marketers can craft better headlines that drive clicks and engagement.

As a fee-only financial advisor, you can employ this same concept and give your firm a competitive edge. So take the time to build a tool that your audience can use and represents your brand.

If you can’t build it in-house, consider outsourcing and the benefit you’ll gain from new subscribers using your tool. A tool that can take a couple of weeks to create can be an endless source of leads for you!

#3 Have a Consistent Blogging Cadence

Did you know companies who’ve published 16+ blog posts per month receive about 4.5 times more leads than companies only publishing 0-4 monthly posts?

Not only does your blog solidify your credibility and authority in the financial planning space, it’s also the ideal channel to generate consistent leads over time. Whereas your social media content disappears as more content floods news feeds, your blog has staying power.

Through strong SEO and content promotion, your blog can show up at the right time when likely clients are looking for you.

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A few blogging tips for optimizing your posts for leads is to include a clear call-to-action that tells your readers what to do next. Include an opt-in box at the end of your post highlighting a compelling content offer that relates to the topic the visitor is reading at the moment.

Also, include opportunities for visitors to give their contact info throughout your post. You can mention the same lead magnet that you’re including at the end somewhere in the midst of the blog article, giving more chances for people to opt-in.

#4 Bolster Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

As the #1 social media network, Facebook marketing is a must for progressing your online initiatives. Your clients are on Facebook so it’s important to be present where your audience hangs out.

The beauty of Facebook is there are a plethora of ways to generate financial advisor marketing leads to grow your sales funnel. Here are 3 solid strategies to start:

Facebook ads are killer for building awareness, engagement, and leads. The key when creating your campaign is being clear on the exact goal…which, in the case of generating leads, are clicks that lead to your landing page. Build your custom audiences and be sure to give a compelling content offer they can’t refuse!

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Build a community around brand using Facebook groups. They become the perfect outlet to convert social fans into leads. To boost engagement, have set daily themes to drive conversations. For example, Motivational Monday for inspirational content, Top Financial Tip Tuesday, Ask Me Anything Wednesday, etc.

Promote webinars using Zoom. This third-party application allows you to host a full-blown webinar right on the Facebook platform. Simply get participants to register before by offering a free outline, guide, or worksheet people can download and follow during the live broadcast.

Bonus Tactic: Promote your live workshops using Facebook events

Grow Your Leads, Grow Your Business

Capturing qualified leads is a key component of your financial advisor marketing strategy. Therefore, use this guide to improve your lead generation results. Always test your efforts to keep what’s working and modify what isn’t. Remain consistent and you’ll see the lead count begin to grow over time.

Are you ready to capture qualified leads to progress your financial advisor marketing goals? With experience in the financial advising industry, we can help get you in front of your ideal client and increase your sales. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation.

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