We can probably agree that there are a plethora of content types that exist for fee-only financial advisors to market their firms. From ebooks to videos and blog articles, the content ideas are endless for educating potential clients about investing.

Yet, certain underutilized content marketing types would serve well for the financial planning industry. It’s also important to use a variety of content platforms that appeal to each stage of the buyer’s journey. In this way, you can meet potential clients where they are while increasing your success in reaching more of your audience.

With that said, here are three highly-underused content types that represent the stages in the buyer’s journey:

#1 Awareness Stage Content: Podcasts

Content Marketing Types

Podcasts are an excellent way to offer your audience a different way to consume your content on-the-go. A recent study found that more than a third of Canadians listen to podcasts. Having a podcast channel will separate your firm from competitors and provides a unique outlet to connect with your clients.

The good news is that your episodes do not have to be lengthy. Broadcasts lasting 3-5 minutes gives enough time to answer your audience’s most pressing questions about wealth management.

One of the simplest ways of creating content for your podcast is by repurposing your blog posts into audios. By taking your evergreen and popular blog content, you can easily convert them into audios.

#2 Consideration Stage Content: Downloadable Worksheet or Spreadsheet

Generating leads is the lifeblood of your business. The more qualified leads coming in your funnel, the more opportunities you create to convert them into clients.

In the consideration stage, your audience is actively seeking solutions to their problems. It’s here that they are more apt to offer their contact details to gain this information and stay connected to your business.

Although ebooks and guides are ideal picks for lead offers, giving away an interactive tool is more effective.

Opposed to an ebook or guide that is a passive experience, a downloadable spreadsheet allows users to plug in numbers to obtain specific results for their unique situation. Thus, it’s much more memorable and engaging. You’re helping them solve their problem and get a quick win with your tool.

Good examples for spreadsheets include a budgeting worksheet, how to calculate retirement savings, or one where they can list and conquer their debts. So consider the pain your audience has and create a spreadsheet that helps them overcome it.

#3 Decision Stage Content: Case Study

Content Marketing Types

Case studies are powerful assets that can help you convert a potential client into one. Highlighting your customers’ experience with your company is a sure way to build trust and credibility.

Additionally, case studies can have a positive impact on your overall fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy. According to Moz, case studies can boost your organic traffic, improve website-experience, and increase lead conversions.

They’re simply a must-have for your digital marketing strategy.

However, many marketers underutilize case studies. They either feel like it’s too time-consuming, their customer’s results aren’t impressive enough, or don’t have the client’s permission. Yet, the value of case studies far outweighs the challenges of creating them.

As you hone relationships with your existing clients, ask them if it’s okay that you document their journey for a potential case study project. Let them know that you’re committed to their financial success and along the way, it may help others. Many people are happy to share their testimony when asked.

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In Conclusion…

Be consistent in your podcasting by sharing one episode a week from your blog content. Create a spreadsheet that your audience can use to bolster your lead generation. And finally, commit to adding more case studies to your content vault to highlight your success and your customers.

As you do, you’ll give your financial firm a slight edge from competitors that help you stand out and get noticed.

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