facebook marketing for fee only financial advisors

3 How-to Facebook Tactics to Better Your Fee-Only Financial Advisor Marketing

With 1.37 billion daily active users, Facebook has become the perfect platform for brands to reach and engage their target audience.

As a fee-only financial advisor, many of your potential clients are leveraging Facebook to discover new businesses like yours and stay connected with their favorite ones. Therefore, maintaining a steady presence on this network is crucial to getting in front of new followers, building brand awareness, and honing relationships with existing customers.

Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses are not succeeding in their Facebook marketing. According to Hubspot, only 45% of marketers believe their efforts on Facebook are effective.

This means that although most brands have embraced Facebook in their social media marketing, less than half are actually generating real results such as website traffic, follower engagement, and lead generation.

If you’re not producing favorable outcomes on Facebook or perhaps looking for ways to improve your fee-only financial advisor marketing strategy, here are three useful tips that will help increase your reach, grow your fans, and drive better results for your firm.

1. Use Keywords in Lieu of Hashtags

Although hashtags are incredibly effective on Instagram and Twitter, keywords actually perform better on Facebook. And like hashtags, keywords position your content to be found by new followers.

facebook marketing for fee only financial advisors

You see, Kissmetrics shares that more people are using social networks to search for brands that provide the product or service they need to solve a problem. Including relevant keywords in your Facebook content sends targeted followers in your direction.

Similar to optimizing your website content for SEO, it’s important to enrich your Facebook posts with keywords that your audience is actively searching for. This especially pertains to posts that highlight your brand’s story, products and services, and customer testimonials.

2. Optimize Your Profile

Your Facebook profile provides a better view of your brand and oftentimes gives the first impression. It shares more details on what you do in financial planning, the specific audience you serve, and your mission.

You get the opportunity to express what makes you different than competitors, allowing users to intimately connect with your story. Ensuring your pages are fully-fleshed is important for followers who are getting to know your brand.

Take advantage of this space by optimizing your profile. Here are a few tips on how:

  • Share what gives you a slight edge in the industry. Why should consumers trust you in giving sound financial advice? Be clear and speak to their needs
  • Post your contact information with your website
  • For the link, bolster your lead generation by including your landing page site versus sending followers to your homepage. Here, you can capture their contact information in exchange for a content offer such as an ebook, template or checklist
  • Make sure your picture logo on Facebook is the same across your other social channels to remain consistent

3. Share Super Relevant Content

Quality-rich content always wins on social media. Posts that are super relevant and resonate with your audience will always stand out in newsfeeds. It’s better to invest time in quality versus quantity.

facebook marketing for fee only financial advisors

You see, strong content fosters engagement. The more active people are with your content, the more Facebook increases your organic reach on future content, giving you greater exposure and influence.

Use this checklist as a guide to publishing remarkable content on Facebook:

  • Cater to different learning styles by adding a variety to your content by posting how-to videos, quote images, GIFs and appropriate memes
  • Curate the best articles in the financial planning industry to post authoritative content. Use Buffer’s built-in curation feature to easily share content from other sources, showing you have your followers’ interest at heart
  • Post questions. Ask your audience what they desire to see more of. With their feedback, use it to improve your Facebook content and social media marketing initiatives
  • Keep sharing evergreen and popular blog articles. Use a different headline each time to highlight a different key point, helping to improve your traffic and SEO
  • According to a study by CoSchedule, it’s best to post 1-2 times a day on Facebook

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Taking the steps to improve your Facebook marketing keeps your strategy current and fresh. More followers will be attracted to your content and more likely to engage. Consequently, you’ll experience an increase in followership, lead generation, and brand exposure.

The key is maintaining consistency in using these best practices to yield positive results.

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